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+/-When should a D&I model be selected?

Selection of a model should occur as part of study planning and design. The Select section of this website provides assistance for the selection of an appropriate D&I model.

+/-What are some resources describing the use of D&I models?

+/-In what stages of the research study should D&I models be used?

Once the appropriate model has been selected, it should be applied throughout the study. In general, the model should be considered in a study's design, aims, activities, methods, measures, and evaluation. Models can be used directly or after some modification to make them more appropriate for the study. If using the model directly, with minimal adaptation, it is important to ensure that the model is appropriate for the proposed intervention and cultural preferences of the target population. To learn more about ways of adapting a D&I model, visit the Adapt section of this website.

+/-How can D&I models support the evaluation of studies?

Use of a model primarily implies conversion of the model into measurable components. This allows researchers to quantify mediators, moderators, and outcomes. This website conceptualizes these measureable components as constructs and provides description of each constructs and affiliated measures in the Measure section of this website. Unfortunately available measures are often lacking for specific D&I constructs.

You can also explore these under Finding Measures